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Emanuel Maroon on White Tallit Set


Please select size. Please enter Hebrew or English name in text box for embroidery.

Beautiful Maroon on White Raw Silk Tallit set by Emanuel, comes with tallis, tallis bag, and yarmulke. Three sizes are available: 21 x 77, 42 x 77, 55 x 77 inches.
Inspired by the landscape of Jerusalem and based on ancient Hebrew manuscripts, Yair Emanuel designs his Tallit combining the old and the new.

Embroidery of Hebrew or English name is available on tallit bag.

This Tallit Set is Maroon on White raw silk with stripes. Loomed by Yair Emanuel in Israel. The tallit is made of hand – woven raw silk. The stripes, atarah (yoke) and corners are composed of sections of appliquéd raw silk sewn onto the tallit.

Please select your size desired. If embroidery of Hebrew or English name is desired it can be added for $15. Please write name in the text box at checkout.
Please allow four weeks for larger sizes.

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