Remembering My Pet

Remembering My Pet
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Remembering My Pet by Nechama Liss-Levinson, PhD and Rev. Molly Phinney Baskette, MDiv.
A Kids Own Spiritual Workbook for When a Pet Dies. Honest, caring words and hands-on activities to help kids accept and grow through the loss of a beloved pet. 48 Pages, Hardcover 2-Color text.
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The death of a pet is often a child’s first encounter with grief. How your child learns to cope through this experience may affect his or her attitude into adulthood. Drawing on concepts from psychology and a broad multifaith perspective, this supportive workbook provides a sensitive and practical resource that will help children ages 7 to 13 cope with the death of a beloved animal. Children can write, draw, read, create and express feelings via concrete, hands-on activities including: • Becoming a Memory Detective to piece together clues to remember their pet.
• Planning a memorial service and making a pet memorial
• Recording photo memories of their pet
• Honoring their pet’s memory by giving to others
Open and gentle, this book will help your child—and you as the parent—understand difficult concepts and communicate deep feelings as your child grows through this personal season of mourning.