Chabad Style Olive Oil Cups with Shamashim

Chabad Style Olive Oil Cups with Shamashim
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Preparing a Menorah with oil cups for candle lighting can be messy. With pre filled oil candles, you'll do it clean and easy. Just place in your menorah and you are ready to light. Trash when done, no need to clean cups. Set of 36 Chanukah Candle Plastic Cups, Pre Filled with Pure Olive Oil, Ready to Use. PLUS 8 Beeswax Shamashim.
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Founded and established in Jerusalem Vehear specializes in the manufacturing of candles with olive oil and beeswax. 100% Kosher certified.
SpecificationsBurns 2.5 hours
How to Use
Set cup in menorah and light wick
100% Mehudar Olive Oil