New Gardens Ketubah (Silver or Gold) by Danny Azoulay

New Gardens Ketubah (Silver or Gold) by Danny Azoulay
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Branches of two trees stand strong and tall in a tranquil garden. They gracefully extend up towards the sky-- bowing, ever so slightly, in each others direction. They are joined together by the arc of a rainbow sheltering a menorah. Below, in Hebrew, the words: "Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi Li", I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine (Song of Songs 6:3) - form a bridge further connecting the two trees.

An exquisite scene depicting a mythical garden, fertile with nature’s bounty. Beneath wondrous trees, deer-symbols of beauty, grace and swiftness- rest and linger far from life’s toils and struggles and take a quiet moment for themselves. The paper cut ketubbah is a splendid visualization of the sanctuary which marriage can provide: a safe haven to meditate, draw comfort and fortify one’s self and one’s loved ones. The New Garden ketubah is transcendent in its tranquil beauty.

The paper cut ketubah is a giclée litho available with hand-applied Silver leaf or 24 karat Gold leaf. It comes with a cobalt blue acid-free paper background (Can be ordered without background, please specify).
Select Silver or Gold leaf. No background is an option, too. Please select if Personalization is desired. Then select text desired.
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This papercut's delicacy and the intricacy of its design is reminiscent of fine needle lace and is a beautiful allegorical visualization of the bride and groom coming together under the chuppah, intertwining their destinies forever.

Surrouding the text is written, in Hebrew "B'Siman Tov U'Mazal Tov".

Gardens Ketubah (Giclée lithography) is paper cut on fine acid-free paper with hand applied silver leaf or 24 karat gold leaf. Please choose above which option you prefer.
Each ketubah is a limited edition. All ketubahs are signed and numbered by the artist.
Measures 16.5 W" x 22H".

This papercut ketubah is offered with a white background. The appearance of this ketubah can be changed by replacing the background.

Please pick which text you prefer in the menu above. The text available are:

Traditional Aramaic (Orthodox)
Traditional Aramaic with English (Orthodox)
Aramaic with English including Lieberman Clause (Conservative)
Reform Text Hebrew and English
Egalitarian Hebrew and English (Can be used for Interfaith)

As an option, you may have an Artist fill in the personalization both in English and Hebrew. $110 extra. Print out the Ketubah Personalization Form and email or fax it back (please call before faxing).

PLEASE NOTE : These ketubot are made in Israel. Please allow for 4 - 5 weeks and an additional 2 weeks for Personalization.