Hupah Dance Ketubah by Sivia Katz

Hupah Dance Ketubah by Sivia Katz
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This ketubah is joyful in every way. The newly betrothed bride and groom dance with happiness as they emerge from the marriage canopy. Doves, symbolic of love and fidelity, join in the celebration. Swirls and curls of lively color surround the wedding vows. Along the top is written in Hebrew "Dodi Li", my beloved is mine. On the bottom is written "Mazel Tov".
Please select if Personalization is desire. Then if you want the Ketubah on Artist Paper or Canvas. Then select text desired.
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Hupah Dance Ketubah (Giclée) measures 24" x 24".

Please check options below for desired text for Hupah Dance Ketubah:
Traditional-Aramaic Text
Traditional-Aramaic/English Text
Conservative Text
Reform Text
Reform Canadian Text
Sephardic Text
Interfaith Text
Secular Humanistic Text
Anniversary Text

Also available on Canvas. A work of art. As an option, you may have Artist calligraphy personalization both in English and Hebrew. $80 extra.
Print out the Ketubah Personalization Form and email or fax it back (please call before faxing).