Inflatable Dreidel

Inflatable Dreidel
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Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel! Brighten up your Hanukkah celebrations with this big Inflatable Dreidel with built-in lights! Perfect to decorate your home, synagogue, yard, or school. This Inflatable Dreidel has classic dreidel shape, with the letters Nun, Gimel, Hay and Shin displayed. This inflatable decoration makes a great gift for Hanukkah, lawn ornament, or a cool party game prize.

Includes all the equipment you need to set this up in under 10 minutes. Can stay up day and night. Easy to take down - less than 5 Minutes. Just store it away until next year - well built can be used from year to year. Package arrives flat.
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Includes UL adapter, Bower, LED lights, Lawn stakes and ropes. A great way to show your Chanukah Pride!
Specifications6 Ft. tall