Small Gold Hamsa by Marina Meiri

Small Gold Hamsa by Marina Meiri
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Designed by Marina Meiri, this minimalist hamsa is an elegant, yet understated gift for a loved one!
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Hamsa is 3/8" long. Necklace chain is 16" long. Gold filled.

Marina, a jewelry company in Israel, offers distinctive modern designs by jewelry maker Marina Meiri. Established in 1983, Marina has spent decades developing one-of-a-kind expertise and her skilled craftsmanship allows the company to offer remarkable pieces celebrating Judaism.

Inspired by her work in gemology and the multiculturalism of her surroundings in Israel, with its diverse population, Marina strives to create original, quality pieces. Marina loves to experiment with different media and mesh local emblems with modernity. Her mix of gemstones, enamel and gold beautifully merge old and new techniques in a unique aesthetic. Marina is dedicated to her craft and makes each piece by hand, for a personal touch. These elegant pieces offer individual expression of faith, something Marina views as deeply personal and beautiful.