Soil and Water Hamsa Wall Blessing

Soil and Water Hamsa Wall Blessing
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This individually cut, and hand crafted religious piece is manufactured in Israel by Matiel. With precious stones of Israel preserved inside, Matiel never fails to deliver an authentic product. This is a great keepsake gift for everyone!

This Hamsa Wall Blessing includes water and soil from Israel. It is handmade engraved Poplar wood and the stones that are used are all semi-precious stones; amethyst, carnelian, citrine, garnet, green tourmaline, and turquoise. On the bottom is a blessing for the home in English.
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Matiel company is a well established company, specialized in designing and producing gifts and religious products. All the products are individually cut and hand mounted in the Holy Land. The stones that are used are all semi precious stones specially picked and sorted to meet high standards and craftsmanship. Some of the products manufactured include water and soil from the Holy Land. The water and the soil are going through a special treatment to keep it pure and make it qualify to be used in the products.
SpecificationsMeasures 8" x 6", 19.5cm x 15.5cm
wood and precious stones

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