Miriam's Box by Susan Fullenbaum

Miriam's Box by Susan Fullenbaum
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After crossing the Red Sea Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron, tambourine in hand, led the Israelite women in a victory dance. She is one of the leaders of the Jewish people and has become a prominent symbol for Jewish feminist as a spiritual leader.
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In this colorful, stained glass box, Miriam is dancing as in the story and ribbons of beautiful colors flow from the tambourine. In this panel on top of the box, each piece of stained glass is hand cut, wrapped in copper and soldered to form the lid. This is a gift to be cherish by any woman and an appropriate gift for a bat mitzvah.

Measues 8" x 8" x 2".

Susan Fullenbaum creates handcrafted stained glass art emphasizing Judaic themes. Each piece commemorates joyous life cycle events, illustrates Jewish customs, or is used in ceremonial life.