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Bar Mitzvah Blessing -Twelve Tribes


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Bar Mitzvah Blessing, twelve tribes, framed print, is suitable for all ages, is by artist Mickie Caspi. 18" x 18"

Traditional Jewish symbols honor a boy's attainment of responsibility. Blessings celebrate his acceptance of new responsibility within the Jewish community and his own family.

Prayer before reading the Torah is in Hebrew and English.

Size of Bar Mitzvah Twelve Tribes, Framed Print by Mickie Caspi: 18" x 18" Available with Mahogany Frame and Royal blue Mat.

Personalized black/gold plaque is an option. $25. Please select above and write in name and date & personal message.

Written on the Bar Mitzvah Prayer Art work: Pirkay Avot: By 3 things the world is sustained - by Justice, by Truth, by Peace. Also on art work: Who is wise--He who learns from everyone.
"Incline thine ear and hear the words of the wise and apply they heart to knowledge"

Due to the size of the Framed Art Work an oversize charge will be applied to shipping.

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