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Persian Silk Ketubah by Mickie Caspi


Please email or fax our office, your completed personalization form when ordering artist's calligraphy.

A delicate light blue filigree on a dark blue background mimics shimmering Persian silk.
Persian Silk Ketubah shows the simple blue and white color combination is richly highlighted by gold foil and the overall effect accentuates the significance of the text itself.

The Persian Silk Ketubah has bold geometry in this surprisingly intricate design.

Measures is 18" x 18"

Please pick which text you prefer in the menu above. The text available are:

Traditional Aramaic (Orthodox)
Traditional Aramaic with English (Orthodox)
Lieberman Clause with English (Conservative)
Egalitarian Hebrew and English (Reform)
Modern English with Hebrew heading (Interfaith)
Humanist English only
Alternative Egalitarian (Reform)
Anniversary with Hebrew Heading

As an option, you may have the Artist, Mickie Caspi, fill in the personalization both in English and Hebrew. $75 extra.
Print out the Ketubah Personalization Form and email or fax it back (please call before faxing).

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