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Groom's Wedding Kipah Black

Groom's Wedding Kipah Black
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Please select color of trim and inscription on black groom's kipah. Please select color for kipah

Beautiful Wedding black Suede Kipah hand painted in Hebrew; "Ani L'Dodi V' Dodi Li" (I am my beloved and my beloved is mine).
A Special Yarmulke for the Groom!
You may ALSO order yarmulke in additional colors that compliment your wedding colors.

Please contact us directly if you need a color not provided.

The Groom's Wedding Kipah comes with your choice of silver or gold inscription.
It is traditional for the bride to present the groom with a Judaic item. This special Groom's Wedding Yarmulke will have him standing proud under the Chuppah. Also suitable for special Anniversary celebration. Please check out matching Usher yarmulke.

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Groom's Wedding Kipah Black
Grooms Kipah
I wanted to get something special for my groom. Ani L'Dodi v'Dodi Li was out wedding theme. The yarmulke fit really nice on his head and the silver painting in Hebrew is beautiful. We are going to order one for my brother's wedding next year.
Groom's Wedding Kipah Black
Black Groom Kipah
Perfect for the wedding. We looked at several sights before we found the hand painted version.
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