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Song of Love Ketubah by Mickie Caspi


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The long awaited replacement for the Song of Songs Ketubah, the new Song of Love has two intertwining vines representing the love and commitment of the couple.

Mickie Caspi shows blooming flowers and singing birds airily surround the wedding vows of our newest Ketubah by artist Mickie Caspi.

Blooming flowers and singing birds airily surround the wedding vows. Gracefully calligraphed biblical verses, in muted colors and shining gold, dance around and through the watercolor illumination. Fine gold foil accents add an elegant finish to the ketubah.

Biblical verses include: "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine", "My beloved spoke and said to me, Rise up my love, my fair one and come away", "You and I, in joy and happiness, in rejoicing, singing, delight and pleasure, in love and in companionship. in peace and friendship without end."

Measures 19 1/2" x 19 1/2".

Please pick which text you prefer in the menu above. The text available are:

Traditional Aramaic
Traditional Aramaic & English
Lieberman Clause Conservative & English
Egalitarian Reform & English
Interfaith Hebrew Heading & English
Alternative Egalitarian
Humanist English only

As an option, you may have the Artist, Mickie Caspi, fill in the personalization both in English and Hebrew. $75 extra.
Print out the Ketubah Personalization Form and email or fax it back (please call before faxing).

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