Open Painted Dreidel Design by Nadav

Open Painted Dreidel Design by Nadav
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The Open Painted Dreidel by Nadav is painted enamel with a brass handle. Featured on the dreidel is each letter (Nun, Gimmel, Hey, Shin) surrounded by birds.

The Open Painted Design Dreidel by S. Nadav is made in Israel. The perfect gift for your dreidel collection.
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Measures 2" across.

The third generation of Yemenite silversmiths operating from a small workshop in Jerusalem , the business of S. Nadav maintains traditional techniques that demand great skill. Renowned for their exquisite Kiddush cups, candleholders and other Judaica items, the Nadav family produces top-of-the-line sterling silver heirlooms. The intricate filigree detail on many of their products is the hallmark of Yemenite silversmiths. Other displays of virtuosity are evident in their hand-sawn ritual objects.