But God Remembered

But God Remembered
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But God Remembered!! For Ages 8 and up. Stories of Women from Creation to the Promised Land.
By Sandy Eisenberg Sasso. Full-color Illustrations by Bethanne Andersen. 9 x 12, 32 pp, Quality PB, Full-color illus. Paperback.

A lively collection of stories that gives voices and names to women from biblical and ancient times whom we seldom remember.
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This dynamic collection of four stories is a modern reclaiming of the Bible, a celebration of courageous and wise women from ancient tradition. These stories invite children of all ages and all faiths to remember, and to bring their own faith to life.
With vivid prose and lush, full-color illustrations, this storybook introduces:
• Lillith, the first woman in the Garden of Eden, according to an ancient legend, shows her determination to have men and women treat each other as equals.
• Serach the musician, who, with her song, reveals to her grandfather Jacob that his son Joseph is still alive, and whose courage to speak out heals the wrongs of another generation.
• Bityah, who draws the baby Moses from the Nile and with a mother’s bravery encourages him to become who he will be, proving that taking a risk to do what’s right can change the world.
• Daughters of Z, who struggle against discrimination with great daring—and extraordinary results.