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Sparks of Divine Ketubah by Nava Shoham


Please select if Personalization is desire. Then which size you would like and if you want the Ketubah on Artist Paper or Canvas. Then select text desired.

Universal and Judaic themes are surrounding this Middle eastern shaped ketubah with Moorish elements around it.

The top Circles stand for "Eretz" the land of milk and honey Israel. Look for the seven species; Six at the top and the Seventh "wheat" at the bottom in between the lions.
The tree of life with olive branches wrap the ketubah from the outside as the verse says: "Your wife is like a fruitful vines that surround your table..." and the vines, it's grapes and leaves flows together with color harmony.

The verse that surrounds the Sparks of Divine: "From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven and when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being" (Ba'al Shem Tov)

On the right hand side of the ketubah, the earth toned red, hides in itself many golden Judaic symbols, such as: The Torah, Menorah, an ancient cup, Harvest, Fishes for fertility, Hamsa for good luck and more.

On the left hand side of the ketubah, the black background, hides in itself the sites and the spirit of the Golden city Jerusalem, the little houses, The Montifiori wind mill, the western wall, water waves, and the rising sun.

In the big tall African candle holders burns the two Sparks of the Divine. An ancient melody can be heard... from the legendary "Gibson" Mandolin (1922) and the David harp.

The rest of the text goes: "I longed and sat in His shade, and His fruit is sweet to my palate He brought me to the house of wine, and your majesty will bring me to Love (You)." "Support me with Your fires, cool me off with Your fruits, for I suffer Your Love."

Please pick which text you prefer in the menu above. The text available are:

Traditional-Aramaic Text
Traditional-Aramaic/English Text
Sephardic Text
Conservative Text
Reform Text
Interfaith Text
Secular Humanistic Text
French Text
Reform Canadian Text
Anniversary Text

Sparks of Divine Ketubah Giclée print is signed and numbered.
Available in 2 sizes;
Classic Size 20" x 24"
Large Size 24" x 28"

As an option, have the Ketubah created on Canvas. A work of art.

You many have Artist calligraphy personalization in English, Hebrew, Spanish or French. If another language is preferred please call us. $75 extra.
Print out the Ketubah Personalization Form and email or fax it back (please call before faxing).

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