Bar Mitzvah Framed 3D Decoupage by Reuven Masel

Bar Mitzvah Framed 3D Decoupage by Reuven Masel
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Bar Mitzvah Framed Artwork by Reuven Masel features a Torah scroll is surrounded by a quote from Hillel. Bar Mitzvah is printed above the Torah in English and below in Hebrew.

Text on left reads: Hillel Teaches: Learn from the Disciples of Aaron;
Text on top reads: Love Peace and Pursue Peace.
Text on right reads: Love People and bring them closer to the Torah.
The picture elements are hand cut and glued to achieve multiple layers making the art come alive. Framed in a real wood frame specifically designed to enhance the effect of the handmade layered art work. Frame may differ slightly from that shown.
When ordering Personalized Plaque please enter name and date.
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Along with their team of designers, Reuven and Tzipora Masel have infused their artwork with creative and unique taste, making Jewish Expressions the ultimate in hip and new Jewish Art.
SpecificationsMeasures 19" x 17"
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