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Ketubah - Nava Shoham

About the aritst:
After serving several years in the Israeli Air Force as a technical illustrator, she graduated from a high Graphic and art college, specializing in fine art and calligraphy. Using all her experiences in life she incorporates them into her artwork for each Ketubah.

Nava Shoham's Ketubah are large with extremely beautiful bright colors and art work representing Judaica motifs and nature.

Ketuboth by Artist Nava Shoham come in:

Traditional Aramaic
Aramaic and English
Sephardic Orthodox
Conservative Lieberman Clause and English
Egalitarian Reform Hebrew and English
Interfaith Hebrew and English
French and Hebrew
Reform Canadian
Anniversary with Hebrew Heading

Ketubah in other languages are also available.

To have the artist Calligraphy your Ketubah please be sure to print out our Personalization Page with your information.

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