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Ketubah - Danny Azoulay

About the Artist:
Daniel Azoulay is a Jerusalem artist who combines traditional and modern media to create finely-crafted Judaica.
Arriving in Israel as an infant from Morocco, Danny is a Bezalel graduate and Rosenthal prize winner who recently, returned to the art academy after twenty-five years, completing a Masters degree in Design. He lives in the village of Tzur Hadassah with his wife and four children.

Ketubah Text available by Danny Azoulay.
Traditional Aramaic
Traditional Aramaic & English
Conservative Lieberman Clause w/ Aramaic & English
Reform Hebrew and English
Egalitarian Hebrew and English (Can be used for Interfaith)

To have the artist Calligraphy your Ketubah please be sure to print out our Personalization Page with your information.

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